Monday, September 30, 2013

Infuse Learning

Infuse Learning is an incredibly powerful and FREE assessment tool for teachers.  Either use the spontaneous questions or prepare a quiz, test, or review ahead of time by entering the questions and answers into the online resource.  Teachers create an account on the Infuse Learning website, then give students their room ID (provided by Infuse Learning).  Students then go to, click Student Login, and enter the room ID.  Any computer or device connected to the internet can access Infuse Learning.

Infuse Learning Quick Assessment options offer teachers a reliable tool to gather quick data about learning in their classroom:

MUST  SEE: Watch this short, 4 minute video to learn more:

Follow the guide below to get started:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teacher Spotlight - 7th Grade Social Studies

Faith students in Mrs. Miller's and Mrs. Jordan's seventh grade Social Studies classes created pic collages last week to present their learning while researching Texas Native Americans.  This week, they interacted with the collages to deliver a new, fun and exciting presentation to their teachers and peers:

Students share that their tribe had a large variety in their diet:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


ThingLink is both an online tool and a free app that can make a standard, flat image into an interactive image consisting of music, video, text, images, and web links.  See several examples of how other users utilized this great, FREE tool:

The Learning Commons 

The Water Cycle 

An Excel Screen Labeled **Be sure to upgrade to an Educator's account here to have unlimited uploads**

Monday, September 16, 2013

Downloading Images and Video from an iPad

Downloading Images and/or Video onto a  Windows computer

  1. On the Windows computer:  From the START button, select ALL PROGRAMS, and launch ITUNES
    NOTE:  If iTunes is not an option, skip to step 6
  2. Select > PREFERENCES
  3. Click DEVICES
  5. Click OK and EXIT iTunes
  6. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable
  7. From the START button, select COMPUTER (or MY COMPUTER for Windows XP)
  8. Double-click the device name
  9. Continue to double-click the folder icons to navigate to the preferred files
  10. Drag and drop the preferred files to the desired location (for example, the Desktop)

Downloading Images and/or Video onto a  Mac computer Using Image Capture

Image Capture can be accessed from the Applications folder and can be used to download pictures or video from an iPad camera roll, iPhone, digital camera or card reader without going through the sync process. 
  1. On the mac computer:  From APPLICATIONS, launch ITUNES
    NOTE:  If iTunes is not an option, skip to step 6
  3. Click DEVICES
  5. Click OK and QUIT iTunes
  6. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable
  7. From APPLICATIONS, launch IMAGE CAPTURE and connect a device
  8. Use the IMPORT TO drop-down menu to select the desired save location
  9. If applicable, check the DELETE AFTER IMPORT box on the lower left side to remove the photos/video from the device
  10. Select the photo(s)/video(s) to import using one of the following:
    • Single click the preferred video
    • Hold down COMMAND while clicking multiple videos
    • To select multiple videos in order, click on the top video and then click the last video in the group while holding down SHIFT
  11. Click the IMPORT button
    NOTE: Do not use the IMPORT ALL button unless all the pictures/videos are to be imported

Downloading Images and/or Video onto a computer Using the Simple Photo and Video Transfer App

SimpleTransfer is an easy way of transferring photos and videos to a computer or other iOS device via WiFi. Cables or extra software are not necessary.  First, install the app on the iOS device.  After launching the app, the user is prompted with directions to enter an IP address into a web browser on the computer.  Instantly, the camera roll from the iOS device appears on the screen!  From there, users may click the  button to move files from their computer to the device.  Alternately, the user may check the preferred picture or video files, and click the  button. So easy!  Note the limitations of the free version - only the FIRST 50 photos/videos of each album can be transferred and multiple file uploads from the computer to the device is limited.

App Developer's Website

Read more and download app

Friday, September 13, 2013

Teacher Spotlight - Second Graders Learn About Insects

Last week, Mrs. Klefeker and Mrs. Chapman used the app, 30Hands, to create class slideshows displaying the students' learning of insects.  Each student created a drawing or took a picture and recorded themselves reading their learned facts.  Some students even brought in an insect they caught or found.  The class put each student's slide into a class slide show.  The second grade classes presented to the each other in the library on Friday.  Mrs. Mitchell, Faith's librarian, and Mrs. Pipes attended the show.

Collages done with InstaCollage for iPad

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Popplet Lite

Available in the App Store
Popplet Lite is a free app for creating mindmaps, graphic organizers, discussing steps to a process, brainstorming with a class, and more.  The Lite version of this app allows the saving of only one "popplet"image.  Drawn images or those taken from the iPad's camera or camera roll can be inserted into the bubbles (known as "popples" in Popplet Lite).  When students finish the popplet, they can either export the saved image to the camera roll or as an email attachment in a jpg file format.   For additional features, such as exporting as PDF, collaboration of popplets, or saving an unlimited number of popplet images, the full version is currently available for $4.99. can also be used from a computer to create diagrams, flow maps, etc.  View this video to learn more:

Below is a popplet I created online at

Monday, September 9, 2013

Teacher Spotlight - First Graders Practice Spelling Using Mobile Technology

Mrs. King eagerly began the year using the Faith elementary ipad cart with her students.  Two weeks ago, they used mobile apps to practice their spelling words.  She ended the day with sending the parents a pic collage of the day.

Teachers: Please upload your images showing technology use at Faith from your ipad or computer here.  Follow #digitalfaithlions on Twitter for other digital updates.