Monday, November 18, 2013

Read Write Think Apps

For years, I've loved Read, Write, Think! They now have several FREE great mobile apps available for parents, teachers, and students.

Alphabet Organization allows students to create an alphabet book or alphabet chart including words starting with each letter of the alphabet.  Options available are 1) one word and accompanied photo per letter or 2) multiple words per letter.  Planning sheets can be found at Read, Write, Think (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2).  Read more here.
Available in the App Store

Trading Cards can be a valuable tool to test comprehension.  The app offers several templates including  Fictional Person, Real Person, Fictional Place, Real Place,  and Object.  Students are prompted with guiding questions to complete the trading cards.
Available in the App Store
View this one minute video to learn more about Trading Cards:

Word Mover allows students to create poetry from a supplied word bank.  In addition, the app offers the flexibility to add your own words.  Read more about the app here or review a "found poetry" lesson plan here.
Available in the App Store
View this one minute video to learn more about Word Mover:

The Venn Diagram has been a useful tool for many years.  Now, students can create a venn diagram in a digital format and email it directly to the teacher from this handy app.

Available in the App Store
View the 5 minute video below for an explanation and a preview on the ease of using the Venn Diagram app (Thanks, Matt B. Gomez!)

The Timeline app is a simple-to-use tool to create a timeline of sequential events.  The timelines can be organized based on date, time, or event.
Available in the App Store
See examples:

Read, Write, Think allows users to keep their work separate from other users with a simple login.  This feature is unique to other apps and allows for better organization when using shared mobile devices.

View Other Read, Write, Think Poetry Apps:

Monday, November 11, 2013

App Store - Have You Noticed?

Have you noticed the helpful search categories for educators now in the App Store?  While on an iPad:
  • Tap the APP STORE app
  • Tap FEATURED at the bottom, left
  • Tap MORE at the top and select EDUCATION:


  • Select your preferred category:
  • Continue to narrow the search by selecting categories:

While browsing the App Store, also look for other special collections and categories including Apps for Teachers, Special Education, etc.

Monday, November 4, 2013


If you are WONDERING how to bring curiosity and WONDER into your classroom, home, car, etc., try Wonderopolis!  The unique Wonder of the Day is posted both online at and in the Wonderopolis app.  The daily wonder could be used as a writing prompt as students enter the classroom each day.  The site offers a wonder gallery for visual inspiration as well.  Students can also contribute to the wonders found on the site and/or vote for their favorite from the contributions.  The site asks that students be 13 or older to contribute ideas, so teachers may need to post on behalf of the students.