Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Inklewriter is a great free writing tool to create a Choose Your Own Adventure style story.  Writers who would like to create interactive stories will love this easy tool.  Go to to read an example story, watch a short tutorial video, or begin your own story.  Create a login to save and make future revisions to your writing.

Serious writers may want to pay Inklewriter the $10 fee necessary to convert their file into an e-book format readable on the Kindle.  Directions are explained in detail here.  Teachers may see a great opportunity to teach on the issue of copyright after reviewing these directions.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ChatterPix Kids

Available in the App Store
ChatterPix Kids is a fun iPhone/iPad app with many possibilities for many curricular areas.  The app's trademark is "give your photos a voice."  Simply import a photo, draw a line across the mouth of the subject, add photo filters and stickers, then record the script.  Here is a short video by a Kindergartener:

View below how photos of inanimate objects have also been given a little character!

Friday, February 7, 2014


Kids are loving this new, engaging assessment tool called Kahoot.  Kahoot turns reviews and quizzes into an exciting game-like experience.  The game-show music draws the participants in and may bring out that competitive side of any user!

To create an account, go to Once logged in, Kahoot will guide you through creating a quiz, discussion, or survey.
Once the item is complete, students can access the quiz, discussion, or survey from with a code provided from the teacher.
Teacher Screen:

Student Screen:

After each question, a graph displays student learning:

and results can be downloaded with the DOWNLOAD RESULTS button:

Other educators are making their quizzes public and are very easy to access here.