Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Share to Classroom Chrome Extension

The Share to Classroom Chrome extension allows teachers to easily push out websites and resources from their browser to their students.

Adding the Extension

Sign into your Chrome account:

  1. Click the CHROME MENU 
  2. Click SETTINGS
  3. Click SIGN IN
Complete one of the following:

  1. Go to the Chrome webstore and search for Share to Classroom
  2. Go to Share to Classroom

Using the Extension

While on a site you would like to share, click the SHARE TO CLASSROOM extension button found in the top, right corner of your screen:
Select the desired class:
Complete the process by completing the options in the SHARE TO CLASSROOM window:

Find more information on the Classroom Help page

Monday, February 8, 2016

Watchkin, Safeshare, and More

If you've ever had something inappropriate appear on the side of your YouTube screen or have been distracted by the many YouTube suggested videos, this post is for you.  Watchkin is a site that allows users to paste a YouTube link into a simple text box and create a new link that points to an ad-friendly video format.

Simply COPY the URL from YouTube:

Next, navigate to Watchkin and PASTE into the Watchkin URL field:
TIP: Use the FULLSCREEN VIEW button in the lower, right corner of the video window: also assists in producing a clean screen for video watchers.  Complete a similar process for

COPY the URL from YouTube:

Now, go to and PASTE the URL into the text box:

Click the button.

Change the TITLE if you would like, add a description, select additional preferences and click SUBMIT

A video screen will appear with a new SAFESHARE link at the bottom of the screen:

Viewpure will complete the same task, however the  bookmarklet can be added to the BOOKMARKS BAR for more convenience.

Read more on the Viewpure website.