Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Popplet Lite

Available in the App Store
Popplet Lite is a free app for creating mindmaps, graphic organizers, discussing steps to a process, brainstorming with a class, and more.  The Lite version of this app allows the saving of only one "popplet"image.  Drawn images or those taken from the iPad's camera or camera roll can be inserted into the bubbles (known as "popples" in Popplet Lite).  When students finish the popplet, they can either export the saved image to the camera roll or as an email attachment in a jpg file format.   For additional features, such as exporting as PDF, collaboration of popplets, or saving an unlimited number of popplet images, the full version is currently available for $4.99. can also be used from a computer to create diagrams, flow maps, etc.  View this video to learn more:

Below is a popplet I created online at

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