Monday, January 11, 2016

Voc App Flashcards

VocApp flashcards are wonderful for learning vocabulary.  The flashcards can be accessed via the web, the iOS app, or the Android app.  The VocApp flashcards are unique because they are multisensory.  If learning a new language, learners can have VocApp read answers or display photos on the cards.  Pre-readers can surely benefit from the audio feature.

Create an account to save flashcard lists.  There are several ways to create cards.  You can simply enter in the information or if learning a language, select the language and have VocApp supply the answer for you.

A list of words can quickly be imported or a larger amount of text can be assessed to auto-create flashcards from the most used words.

Click the button to personalize the autocomplete settings:
Flashcards can be enhanced with the onscreen tools in the web app:

Flashcards can be created in the mobile apps as well.

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