Monday, August 31, 2015

Flippity has several wonderful tools that can be used by teachers and students along with their Google account.  If you can enter information into a Google sheet, you can utilize all of the resources at  Each tool includes FREE instructions along with a FREE demo and template doc.  Look for the following options found under each tool along the right side of the webpage:

The template docs force the user to create a COPY:

Flippity Random Name Picker

The random name picker can be so valuable in quickly selecting students for classroom jobs, checking for understanding, and answering questions.  In addition, the tool can quickly create groups based on number of students per group or groups per class.

Click the template link found under Flippity Random Name Picker to begin.  Replace the fake names with the preferred names.
Continue to follow the instructions.

Flippity Quiz Show

The quiz show acts very similar to a Jeopardy game board.

The tool allows for images and helps in keeping score by adding or subtracting points based on the question location on the board.  Simply click the check for correct answers or the X for wrong answers and points will be awarded to the appropriate team:
Follow the instructions here to create your own quiz game using the template.  

Flippity Certificate Quiz

The certificate quiz can be used to create a student-paced quiz that earns a certificate for mastery.  Simply use the template provided to enter in questions and answer choices of your own.  In addition, images can be added to both questions and answers.  YouTube video links can also be added to questions.  See instructions here.

Flippity Progress Indicator

The progress indicator is a fantastic tool to track student progress.  The template offers a few ideas, such as pages read, miles ran, books completed, or questions answered.  The progress indicator could be used along with student goals throughout the year.  Like the other resources, excellent directions and a template to get you started can be found on the website.

Flippity Flashcards

The flashcards tool can create an effective study tool for students.  Simply copy the template found at, modify the spreadsheet cells to match your content area, and follow the instructions for publishing a link for your students.  In addition to flashcards, students can view a list of questions and answers, visit a auto-generated word cloud, and print a quiz over the material.

Visit the FAQ page to find out more.

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