Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flipped Classroom Resources

When flipping the classroom, wouldn't it be nice to have students assess what they are learning while watching a YouTube video, a teacher-created video, etc.?  Two easy-to-use tools will allow teachers to embed formative assessment INTO the video experience.

EDpuzzle offers several features: open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, and comments.  In addition, teachers may want to add video notes to introduce the video to the students or add comments along the way.  The web-based tool provides straightforward pop-up help messages and tutorial videos for the teacher to quickly learn EDpuzzle.  The teacher can control whether the student can skip ahead in a video.  Students connect to the class videos with a unique code.   A scientific text editor is included for use with math and science.  Edpuzzle Analytics provides useful information for educators, such as percent correct per question and per student, whether students watched the video, and number of times a student watched a video position.  Edpuzzle help videos can be found on their blog as well as their YouTube channel.
eduCanon also converts passive viewing of content into active viewing with embedded objects, multiple choice questions, and check all that apply questions.  Open-ended questions are available with the premium version.  Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and TeacherTube can be used.  Embedding the interactivity is as simple as pausing the video and clicking a Build Question button.  Teachers may want to add feedback text for each correct or incorrect answer choice.  eduCanon prevents students from forwarding past content not yet viewed. A real-time grading feature is provided to monitor student progress and data.  Watch and interact with this eduCanon video to learn more about this free resource. View their Knowledge Base for other questions.

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