Friday, December 6, 2013

EdTech Podcasts Using Stitcher

Learning can happen in short, quick bits of time - while you workout, while you drive to and from work, while you clean the house, etc.  Many great audio podcasts are available and FREE from which you can easily glean new technology resources and tools.  I enjoy listening to podcasts with the app, Stitcher Radio for Podcasts.

Available in the App Store

I enjoy Stitcher, because the podcasts stream instead of taking up space on my mobile device or desktop computer.  I, also, do not need to worry about syncing my device to my computer.  Once the Stitcher app is downloaded to the device, begin by creating stations based on interests.  For example, I created an EdTech Station.  Other stations might include politics, spiritual, education, parenting, family, news, etc.

Although my preference is Stitcher Radio for Podcasts for iphone, you can also listen from your computer by logging into your Stitcher account through a web browser:

View this video to learn more about the mobile app:

Some podcasts to begin with:

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