Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Management Apps

While managing the classroom, helpful ipad apps can save time and energy!  Three FREE apps that may support your classroom are Groupmaker, ClassDoJo and Name Selector.


Available in the App Store
The GroupMaker app allows teachers to create groups of 2-20.  The app allows for randomly selected groups or groups based on gender, performance level, etc.

View the video below for more information or visit the developer's website.


Available in the App Store
ClassDoJo is a classroom management tool that allows teachers to easily document and communicate class behavior feedback to students, parents, or administrators.  View the prezi below to learn more:

Name Selector

Available in the Apps Store
This easy-to-use and helpful app can be downloaded, setup, and used within minutes.  Teachers can use the random name selector to call on students to answer questions, select a helper, lucky winner, etc. and continue to be fair in the process.  The app selects each group member before cycling through the names again.  The students will enjoy the audio, animation, and graphics displayed with the Name Selector app.  When a student is absent or out, tap the settings button and simply slide their name to OFF.

View the developer's website.

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